Describe the relationship between variables

Describe the relationship between variables

Describing relationship between variables can either be in terms of the usage of the words
directly or inversely proportional. In a case when variables has an unpridictable data then
it can be describe using the text "no relationships".

Example of a tabular data in which variables ( such as Temperature & Volume) are directly
Tabular description must be accompanied with textual description. Here is the possible textual presentation of the table above:
The table above shows that temperature affects the volume of the balloon. It can bee seen clearly from the table that as the temperature increases the volume also increases. Therefore temperature and volume are directly proportional. 

Example of a tubular data in which variables (such as Pressure % Volume) are inversely

Table shows that Volume of syringe is very much affected with pressure.  The two variables are inversely proportional. Meaning as the pressure decreases the volume increases or vice versa.


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