Define a Population

Population is where you get your sample. Defining it must be stated in your research paper. Its definition can guide the readers in terms of the significance of the study. It also establishes internal validity of the experiment conducted in your research. It also limits and simplifies your study since you can define the population according to the demand of your study.

A population could be any subjects of interest in your study:
For example if your study is about ecosystem then the population is the total number of beings in that particularly specified area of study.

Sample population of study taken from: http://upetd.up.ac.za/thesis/available/etd-10132006-135624/unrestricted/03chapter3.pdf

The target population for this research defined to  include the music teachers and
music educators in Nigeria, while the accessible population is the music teachers
and music educators in Anambra State, since these are the music teachers and
music educators within the researcher’s reach.
In this study, the accessible population comprised all the music teachers and music
educators in the 6 educational zones of Anambra State in Nigeria at the primary

school level of education. Table 3 below presents a record of the number of the
music teachers and music educators in the educational zones as at August, 2003.
Table 3: The population of the music teachers’ and music educators’ in the
              educational zone of Anambra State in Nigeria

In addition, the music teachers and music educators were considered appropriate
as population of the study area because, as stated in chapter one, they constitute
the dramatis-personae responsible for routine teaching of music in the schools.
Most of them have had several years of music teaching and learning and therefore,
they are in the best position to furnish the researcher with the information needed
to answer the research question of this study.

Another example( taken from www.christian.ac.th)
Title of the study-The Effects of Ice Chips on  Reducing Sore Throat after Extubation in Patients Undergone Surgery with General Anesthesia at Sampran  Hospital in Nakhon Pathom Province.

Definition of the Population:

            The population of this study were pregnant patients, who received caesarean section and general anesthesia, with endotracheal tube. After extubation, the population who had pain score level of sore throat ≥ 4 were selected.


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