Importance or Significance of the Study

This part of the report highlights the possible contributions of the research findings to the country or to various sectors
of society. It describes (a) the relevance of the research to felt needs, (b) how the research output may be directly useful
to people or (c) how the research contributed to the advancement of science.

Taken from the book Tips and Techniques in writing researh authored by Emerlita G. Magsajo-Sarno:
This section of the research discusses the convincing importance of the study to the society, the government, the community,
the institution, the agency concerned, the curriculum developers, and to the researcher as well as other researchers. There
should be a convincing rationale to justify the problem. A critical value judgment concerns the significance of the entire
research. It expounds on the study's probable impact to education, science, technology, on-going researches, and the like.
Significance of the study may be established with the following:

a. providing a theory vis-a-vis a practice;
b. expressing the study's practical importance;
c. using research methodologies, measurement procedures, treatment, sampling or gaps in literature;
d. visualizing who the readers will be and how they will be benefited by the results of the study;
e. identifying possible contributions to the fund of knowledge and
f. noting possible implications.
 Always remember that your research must have its significance to be able to reach its value.


1. Title: Excerpts from a research investigation entitled "Trichoderma viride as a Biofungicide for the Control of Postharvest
Banana Anthracnose"

Significance of the Study: It is, therefore, very important to search for alternative nonchemical means of controlling
anthracnose, Biological control using Trichoderma viviride Pers.as a biofungicide can be a promising strategy to control the
disease with less or no harm to the environment and consumers.

2.Title: Utilazation of Mine tailings as Alternative Raw Material for Earthenware

Significan of the Study:
Realizing the acute environmental hazards and problems associated with the accumulation of mine tailings in mining companies
which is one of our country's and also of the world's mayor industries, this research intends to utilize these mine tailings,
instead, as alteternative raw material for earthenware. Recycle and compost, there is cash in trash is the Earthsavers' 4th
commandment. (Philippine Star, April 4, 1999). These earthenwares have potential commercial values: earthenware vases as an
export winner and ceramic tiles for low cost housing project.


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