Life was messy

My Life was so messy back three years ago when I had the major project of my life- building my dream house. In my obsession to finish my house the sooner, I hooked my self in a lot of debts. I was so fat-due to stress- back then because it was after the house was built that I realized what I got into. The hardships that I was in were never easy but I was so determine to own my house no matter what. There where even times that I could afford to buy new shoes and bags. While my co-teacher changed bag and shoes almost everyday. It was so messy at that time budget were so tight. There were also sleepless nights thinking of all the accountable that I must pay. No budget for family outing. I was glad that the whole family understands and was with me on realizing our dream house. And I was also fortunate that one bank offered a debt consolidation. This bank paid all the banks that I am accountable with. I am now only paying one bank -the bank that offered me debt consolidation.  It was a great relief! had I known that some banks offered that debt relief I could have applied for it earlier. I could not have gone those sufferings that I was into. Nowadays is even much better there is an online debt relief that you can avail. I think I'm gonna try this because local banks usually take advantage of us as debtors. I will try online loan because I wanted to buy the car that I also dream of, next my dream house.  I will loan a bigger amount to pay the small amount that I owe from local bank and the excess amount would be spared to buy a brand new car. Anyway at debteasyhelp.com interest is low than locals. They're really committed to help.


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