Action Research for my Summer Class

 Title: Deepening the Understanding of Students on Preparing and Separating Mixtures
Younger generations nowadays are not anymore interested to know how to make the traditional Filipino mixtures. Our ancestors may have failed to pass the secret ingredients in preparing Filipino’s mouthwatering mixtures to their siblings. In result, Filipino delicacies are becoming rare to the extent that fewer of the youngsters know how to prepare it. In this lesson, you will learn to patronize the one of the yummiest mixture known to be in our local dialect as Biko (Sweet Sticky rice cake). You will interview elders, small scale entrepreneurs and in the internet sites on how to prepare  biko. With the supervision of your chem-teacher you will cook the convened recipe with a detailed procedure which greatly emphasize the concepts of mixtures. After wards, you will  publish the recipe along with your simple business proposal in a google free website  to inform the whole world how tasty is this Filipino all-time favorite snack. This invites costumers to patronize one of our delicacies consequently would add money to Iligan City’s coffer and make the recipe accessible to every one. All experiences, processes, and collaboration are geared towards the deeper and lasting understanding of the concept of mixtures.


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