Rubber Stamp Saves time and energy

 Rubber stamps save much of my time and energy. Imagine the time it takes for me to write my names in all of the required forms to be submitted to our registrar's office. Forms such as students progress report card (form 138), request forms since of them are transferees- coming from other schools, and form 137. Filling out these forms would waste so much of my time. So, it is better to have address stamps to lighten  my work and to do my work quickly. Not just quickly, also efficiently because with the time saved Ican now spend more time to recheck whether I did some errors. Being a teacher is not easy. Often times we need some important tools to lighten our work. I'm really a patronizer of rubber stamps because I'm using it not only in my work as a teacher but also to give joy to my kids as a mother. I'm also using rubber ink stamps to post greetings on party balloons.


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