Why pay more when you can pay less for a prescription glasses?

We should be wise in these times of financial hardships. It is crazy to keep on buying things that are too expensive despite your awareness that you can purchase the same thing with the same quality and functionality at a cheaper price. Yes! Many wise buyers including myself who already took advantage of the technology by ordering factory price prescription glasses online. My friend bought her prescription glasses at a choking price of $ 100 bucks! But my 2 eyeglasses (one for in door and one for out door use) cost me as low as 16 dollars, all purchased online. Ordering it online was actually so easy. I only submitted to them my Pupillary distance measured by our local optometrist and enjoy the privilege of choosing classy frames for classy woman like me... and that’s it. All added into my cart and delivered to me just in time for me to calculate my students’ grades. My friend saw my chic eyeglasses and she was so envious because when she tried my eyeglasses it’s as clear as her eyeglasses. So let me ask you this question again, why pay more when you can pay less for a prescription glasses? Try ordering online and you will be satisfied with the quality and you will be like me spreading the great news to your friends.


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