Sports Enthusiasts

Many of us are sports Enthusiasts. We often watch football, basketball, boxing, hockey, baseball and many more sports. Sports entertain us very much and it has a way of bursting out stress we felt during the busy week. There is really so much excitement and thrill when we are watching our favorite player playing. The excitement and thrill get intense especially when we  sport bet    with our  friends. 
I could not really go out from my chair while watching my favorite Red Sox Player Manny Ramirez although  he was suspended for misconduct but he will never disappoint you when he play. All your blood rush and your heart pumps fast as he play baseball with his team. I also  like the rest of the fresh Red Sox players like Jacoby Ellsbury, Jon Lester, and A.J. Burnett. I also sport bet with my whole family especially my husband. The  one who wins gets out of the daily house routine job. Watching sports can make us bond with each other as a family. What about you? How often do you watch sports? Are you a sport enthusiast like us?


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