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Don’t you know that many already benefited from bidding? Many business transactions in the private and government are done by bidding because it prevents over pricing. Nowadays it is also done online to purchase brand name merchandise such as Acer Aspire One 10.1-Inch Blue Netbook, Wii 9-in 1 sports Pack, Iomega eGo 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive, Wii Sports Resort, Sony BDP-S360 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player, Avatar (Xbox 360) and many more. Yes, Bidazzled because you can win one of these as low as 1 dollar if no other bidder. This is only available at Bidazzled.com the well known online auction market that allows up to 90% savings while funding a lung cancer charity. Bidazzled.com treats every bidder a winner, no one loses. If the bidder missed the bid item, she or he will not be left empty handed by receiving the following as a form of gratitude for participating:
•    receive up to 50 Bonus Bids
•    purchase the auction item with a less using your previous investment in the auction.

If you are the lucky winner, Bidazzled attempts to buy the item back by offering cash (paypal or check), cash and bids or more opportunities to bid for more expensive merchandise.

So grab your luck now, there were two winners- only used their 5 free bids upon registering- of Nintendo Wii’s in Bidazzled first month.
Bids only cost a $1 at Bidazzled not like any other auction sales online which are too expensive with no assurance of winning. Also available for purchase to increase your chances of winning are the bid packs as low as $25 with bonus bids upon purchase. The highest cost of a bid when you dilute the cost with the bonus bids you receive is only $.67 per bid and often much lower.

I’m sure many would go for this newest trend of auction sale and would be interested to gain 15 more bids from Bidazzled only until January 15, 2010 if they will use the following code upon registering:
•    Blog: BBP1202A
•    Twitter: BTP1202A

Also enjoy their referral system:
•    A refers B. A receives 5 Bonus Bids

•    B refers C. A receives 4 Bonus Bids

•    C refers D. A receives 3 Bonus Bids

•    D refers E. A receives 2 Bonus Bids

•    E refers F. A receives 1 Bonus Bid.

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