Nanotechnology is a study on the processes of manipulating  matter and its nano-fraction of energy by taking advantage of the usefulness of small particles with the size of a 1 billionth of a meter or 10-9 m.
At nano-scale interesting and Nobel properties emerge when you manipulate the material.
Behavioral change happens when you start to make the material so tiny that its electrons are squeeze into a space smaller than they prefer it is called Quantum confinement. The smaller you make the crystal the Higher energy of the electron would be, its kinetic energy is increased and that it can be thought of as making  wavelike a bit shorter and forcing into a box where it can zips around more quickly.
More surface area is greater than the volume The more surface the more reaction will take place.
Here is a youtube video that I recommend for everyone to watch to fully understand nanotechnology. I've watched a lot of videos but this one makes me understood Nanotechnology better. Also more videos are found in video torrents that are educational and at the same time entertaining. 


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