Technology that you can’t live without

What technology you can’t live without? Is it your calculator, radio, television, mp5, computer, laptop, notebook or cell phone? For me I can’t live without a cell phone. If I happen to accidentally leave my cell phone home I will be uncomfortable the whole day. There will a lot of what ifs that comes in to my mind such as what if hubby, my kids, friends or important business personalities would text or call me. I will miss some of the emergencies of being a wife, mother and some businesses that will occur that day. Your love ones would be so irritated if you are unable to reply their calls and texts. Sometimes my mother would scold me and would remind me to fully maximize the use of my cell phone plan or else the network that I am patronizing would benefit much from me. I actually called a lot and text a lot but at sometimes I’m also preoccupied with my work to the point of forgetting my cell phone. But it is the technology that I can’t live without. I cannot imagine myself without a cell phone. My love ones will not be able to reach me in times of emergency. Sometimes if my cell phone is flooded with text messages I will feel so loved by everyone who is around me. That is how my cell phone made me feel so important. It is crazy, but it is the truth. Cell phone serves as my security blanket. When I’m bored or when I’m in the middle of people that I’m not well acquainted with, I will just keep pressing my cell phone keypad to keep myself look busy, as if I am texting somebody. Funny isn’t it? But I’m pretty sure that many of you are like me…lol. I’m planning to replace my cell phone with xpress music because I read from one of the reviews of phones online that there is one latest model that can store as many of your favorite music as you can. When buying you must read some reviews of the item you would like to buy so that you will be guided on what model is right for your needs and wants. It is also advisable to purchase goods online nowadays especially if you are a person with little free time like me. I had many transactions experienced online and I was never disappointed. In fact it is addicting. I’ll purchase a cell phone before the year ends in one of the trusted mobile phone shops online. A lot of phone shops available online but this site http://www.phone-shops.co.uk/ recommends the most trusted and customer friendly online Phone shops in the net. So start your hassle free shopping now!


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