Today's Challenges

This morning, my mind was set to take action on solving the problem that I put aside for two weeks. I arrived school at 8:00 AM and signed the log book. I went directly to the Department Head's Office and looked for the Filipino Department Head to ask her about how I can solve my problem regarding January DTR not signed by our Principal. I was confident to approach anyone holding a big position in our school since it was them who did not save a copy for safe keeping it and for future uses. I really needed my January DTR to receive my salary defferential and it should be signed by our forcely evicted (due to tha alleged malpractice and abuse of power) secondary principal. While I am in the department head's office , I spoke with the Mathematics Department Head instead of the other Department Head that I was expecting to consult earlier. I asked her if the principal already signed their DTRs and she answered yes but excluding the teachers. I openly shared to her that I must go to the current school where my former principal is working to let him sign. She agreed on my decision. And so I went and I'm glad that I did because God really answered my prayers. It seemed to be a difficult problem yet it was easy as long as you will face it. Imagine, I allowed two weeks to pass just to have a strength to solve this problem. Well, I really had a difficulty because I was one of the teachers who signed for the petition.


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