Settle for Direct TV

Why would you settle for directv? The directv premier package with over 265 channels is FREE for 5 months. Quote is affordable and flexible depending on your convenience. No more messy cables only Direct TV And best of all for my hubby’s pleasure is to get him to watch the exclusive National Football League Sunday ticket which is not available in any local TV subscription. You can access and record favorite movies from High Definitions Channels through a DVR recorder.

What can I do? All my friends are using it. My friends’ topics during our conversation are always from the movies or TV series they have watching from directv. I don’t want to be out-of-place. I always like to be in. And laugh together with them because I can relate with their conversation. Personally I often watch on channels 300-378 because it helps me to be updated with my interests such as entertainment, education and religion. Hubby is more of a sport-guy and a movie fanatic because his favorite channels in directv are 600-699 and 500-599. My kids on the other hand like to watch cartoons.

We are waiting for the next Manny Paquiao’s fight with Miguel Cotto, and we can watch this fight in directv. We are an avid fun of Manyy Paquiao and we did not miss any of his fights because of directv. I’m glad that I settle for directv.


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