Sometimes Class is Distracted

I am used to to push myself so hard to finish my work on time. I check and record students' papers regularly and research on the net to be updated on what are the newest trends in relation to our lessons. I would like to do things even beyond expectations but my body would sometimes not coordinate with me. Oftentimes when I am tired from work, I noticed that my eyelid twitch. This involuntary contraction of the eyelid muscle annoys me when having a class discussion. Who would not be? It distracts my students while having a conversation with them. I must not neglect this eyelid spasms It hinders my teaching efficiency. If untreated, it will transform me from my ideal-teacher- image into a laughing icon in the school campus.
I know that taking vitamins is not enough to medicate eyelid twitching, one must have a good sleep and take some supplement that especially formulated for the eyes. As far as I know being a research teacher I should look for a supplement formulated with Lutein and Zeaxanthin that correct mascular fatigue.


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