Make Friends with the Handicapped

Today, I accompanied my Dad at the hospital for his regular physical therapy rehabilitation. I met a lot of people who have the same case as my Dad. I also met my long time ago student in his 20’s going out from the Physiatrist room. I can still remember that he was so happy, full of life and active in joining any sports activity. And now he is sitting on a wheelchair with an immobile left knee. I asked him nicely: What happen to you? You are too young to have a stroke. He bowed his head and looked away from me. Not letting me in a shameful situation his mother quickly answered that his son played basketball with their neighbors without warming-up and resulted into a torn knee ligament. The doctor just said that recovery will be slow and he cannot anymore play sports involving physical activities. He will be in a wheelchair for several months or permanently.

I am so sad to see his situation. I will be seeing him again because his mother told me that their house is not far from my Dad’s house. I will visit him and encourage him to be a member of wheelchair chat. In this way, he will be able to make friends with handicapped people in this site who have positive outlook in life.

Like my Dad he used to have his Physical therapy sessions at home but I encourage him do it at the hospital where he can make friends with people who have the same case. And it resulted into a desirable result. My Dad has better disposition in life now than before.


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