Automatic Teller Machine Etiquettes

I was so excited yesterday to withdraw my salary from Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) automatic teller machine (atm). A woman was inside ahead of me in the atm booth so I manage to wait patiently outside while holding my atm card. When the womanwas about to be done, another woman came and passed in front of me. I did not halt her for rushing in but it made me so upset. I became more upset watching her still looking for her atm card. And so I reprimanded her to do her transaction fast because I was ahead of her. She replied: I thought that you were with the other girl who was here a while ago. And she added you can now come in. But I refused and gave her a lecture, you are not suppose to get in an atm booth when somebody is still inside. Then, she got out and I came inside the booth. I did my transaction for about 2 minutes. When I got out the woman was not there anymore. I hope that it will teach her a lesson to observe atm etiquettes.


SticktoexecutE said...

So true, people should be reminded of atm manners. And its really annoying when people takes a long time to do atm transactions.

junelle said...

yes you are right, a lot of people seem to lack atm etiquette. One time, I withdrew from an atm machine near our office and my transaction wasn't done yet because I was waiting for the machine to dispense the receipt, this lady hurriedly budged in as if telling me to step aside. She really pissed me off.

Cosmos said...

Being in a queue waiting and forbearing others bad manners needs much much patience. Each one affected must teach them instantly as you did!

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