His Favorite Game

This is my son playing his favorite online game: Flyff. His character is named as Nejihyuuga1. He is so preoccupied with his game right now. He is unaware that I am taking picture of him. Video game addiction according to Harris Interactive Survey is very alarming. It is up for us parents how to correct our kids with this addiction. To control him, I am making sure that before playing online game he must first do his excercise and take his bath. He must only play 1 hour per day.
In china they are not leaving parents alone in controlling kids addiction to online games their government introduced an online gaming restriction limiting playing time up to 3 hours, after which the player will be expelled from whichever game they were playing.

Many elementary and high school students in the Philippines are dropping out from school because they are obssessed in playing online games in the internet cafe. They often cut their classes.

I hope that Philippines will also do some measures to prevent Filipino kids from being addicted to online games. Playing is good but if done too much is bad.


Nhil said...

It has to be a joined effort by the parents, educators and politicians. Anyway, the more responsibility it will be for the parents to raise a child who finds a sense of balance especially in his recreational activities.

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