Thieves in our neighborhood

I took a bike ride one day for an exercise unaware that the thieves in our neighborhood were just observing us for several days. I was so tired because I drove my bike for 2 hours just to burn some of my stored fats. My hubby was also tired because he did his marathon video watching that day. Both of us were so tired and we slept soundly, unaware that the thieves were already walking in and out our living room that night. I woke up at six in the morning and was so surprised. The door in our living room was wide opened! My heart pound so fast and looked for valuable things that could probably be lost. And then I found out that our mountain bike, hubby's watch and my cell phone were taken by the thieves. It was a traumatic experience for me. Knowing that thieves can just easily penetrate in our house I need to increase my home security. It bothers me leaving our house when I am at work. One of the solutions that I have in mind is to buy a dog that will guard our house. But what if they will poison the dog. The thieves can still break in. I am so worried specially that this summer vacation we are often out, visiting my Dad's place.


Martha A. Cheves said...

I hate to say it but I've had my dealings with thieves. On the Sat. before Mother's Day one year I spent the night with a friend and mother. When I got home the next morning my door was partly open. When I stepped inside I saw bare space. My first concern was my dog. He was hiding under my bed. They had taken everything including my coffee pot and vacuum cleaner. I even discovered clothes missing as time went on. It's a terrible feeling of invasion when this happens to you.

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