Application Form for Research Project Defense

Iligan City National High School
Science Department (1st Shift)
Application for Research Project Defense

Student Names:
1.) ___________________________________ Address:________________________

2.) ___________________________________ Address:_______________________
3.) ___________________________________ Address:_______________________

4.) ___________________________________ Address:_______________________

5.) ___________________________________ Address:_______________________

6.) ___________________________________ Address:_______________________

Title of Research Project: _____________________________
Proposed Date of Defense: ____________________________
Time of Defense: 1:00-2:00 PM
Faculty Approval
I agree to the above date and time. I have read and substantially approved the written Research Project.
___________________ _________________
Research Adviser (Print) Signature

___________________ _________________
Panel Member (Print) Signature

___________________ _________________
Panel Member (Print) Signature

___________________ _________________
Panel Member (Print) Signature

Student Acknowledgement
I have attached an abstract of my research project. In accordance with the science department policy, I agree to provide 1 copy of research project to each of the panel member 3 days before the defense.

Approved by: Nida H. Gumera
Science Department Head (1st Shift)
Download a printable copy:


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