Misplaced Moral Values

My family is a patronizer of Mc.Donald Food Chain. After going to church every weekend we often order happy meal and enjoy the free toys. We have nothing against their services. In fact, we find the toys more durable than the well known past food chain opponent. But being a teacher and a mother of 2 kids I am strongly against their latest Mc.Donald’s advertisement. The scenario of the advertisement shows an employee being scolded by the boss for not working efficiently and the only way to pacify the boss is to buy her a Mc.Donald Meal.
What moral values will this advertisement brings into our young minds? Do we consider nowadays that the gesture such as “pasipsip” is acceptable in our society? I think what the advertiser portrays is another form of bribery. Is our moral values misplaced? Making us imply from the advertisement that something is wrong with the employee if he/she will not suborn the employer.
I hope that the advertisers should reevaluate the kind of message that they broadcasts to their viewers. I think Media has more influence in the way how our youth thinks than the teacher. Media should be morally conscious!


lizzie said...

I do see your point but I think this advertisement is meant to be humour!

I have seen similar ones and they are not meant to be taken seriously.

Laurel said...

I agree. I think that people need to learn to have respect for their employers, but for themselves as well. In fact, it has always been my understanding that giving gifts to your employer can be considered poor taste.

Sweepstakes Girl said...

I could agree with your more! I also hate Levi's and Burger King ads. They are so provocative and use children!

Tezy said...

That ad seems comical to me, although i see your point here. some commercials nowadays lack moral values. That's why whenever my son is watching TV, I point out to him which are good and which are not. We can never control what is shown on TV, but we can control the perception of our child.

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