Which soap is best Acidic or Alkaline?

Acid has a small pH ( power of hydronium ions in the solution) value between 1-6. If there is lots of hydronium ion then the solution is acidic like muriatic acid used to clean toilet bowl.

Alkaline or basic has big pH value. Its pH value lie between7-14. Alkaline solution is also use for cleaning tiles like caustic soda. If you mix acidic solution and the basic solution the result is neutral solution (like water with a pH of 7).
Best detergent soap is basic or alkaline with a pOH ranges from 9-12 while soap for skin should be slightly acidic like about 5.5.

So to choose for what soap is best for your skin choose the one that suits with skin's pH which is 5.5 or slightly acidic.

However, if you are conducting a study about your own soap formula (experimental) it is good to also measure the pH of the commercial for comparison. If slight difference on pH is observed then you can tell that your own soap formula has the potential to compete with the commercial soap. Of course measuring the pH is not the only determining factor to conclude for the quality of soap. You may also measure solubility and effect of metallic ions.


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