How rainstorm takes place?

This is one of the common questions of most innocent child that an adult found it hard to explain.
Here is a text that I researched from chemistry book by the two authors Loretta Jones and Peter Atkins:

“ Local variations in the density, composition, motion, and temperature of the atmosphere cause the winds and precipitation that we call weather. Weather takes place in the troposphere (the name troposphere means sphere of change). Packets of less dense warm air rise above cooler, denser air in a process called convection. The air cools as it rises into the aggregate into droplets that we see as clouds. These droplets themselves may aggregate and fall to the ground as rain. The cooling also lowers the pressure, so precipitation is often associated with regions of low atmospheric pressure. Adjacent air masses at higher pressures flow into the low pressure region. This flow of air what we call wind. The winds associated with storms result from differences in air pressure. High winds such as the hurricane-generated winds can cause extensive damage”

This may be sound weird for kids but they will understand later when they grow up. At least you’ve tried to explain…


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