Sample Biodiversity Research Paper

Biodiversity is responsible for providing essential functions and services that directly improve human life. The health of human societies depends upon a natural environment that is productive and contains a wide diversity of plants, animals, and species. Foremost, biodiversity is essential for the sustainable functioning of agricultural, forests, and natural ecosystems upon which human survival and health depends.

The diversity of amphibians is widely spread throughout every continent except Antarctica. And the most widespread of all amphibians are frogs, which are commonly found in many environments, including grasslands, rainforests, fresh water habitats such as ponds, streams, swamps and other wet environments. Frogs are known to be carnivore because they depend on the environment as their primary source of food. In connection, this species eat insects, spider, crustaceans, worms, small reptiles, and sometimes, smaller amphibians in order to survive. Thus, this study is conducted to know and analyze the existence of Mindanao Fanged Frog ( Limnonectes Magnus) in a certain area, because their perpetuation in ecosystem is vital to uphold a healthy and productive environment. Another, this study would provide other researchers the information regarding the existence of Mindanao Fanged Frog
( Limnonectes Magnus).


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