Throw a Party without spending a single penny with real people.

Ever think of joining a party without leaving your house and spending a penny? It sounds weird but it’s true in the amazing free Amy Poehler Cozmo TV player network: Smart Girls at the Party. This TV player network features girls who are changing the world by being themselves. Visit their site and experience how they can easily shift from being serious and hilarious yet thought provoking. Viewers can rock, laugh, cry, sing and dance with all of the pretty TV Crew (Amy, Meridith and Amy). It is a wholesome show that you can share with your kids and friends. It is a high quality show that can inspire people to live life in a meaningful and happy way.
One episode that I like to share to my kids is when they featured a ten year old girl Kenaudra who promotes to her fellow teenagers a special kind of dance which is praise dancing. The show allows the teenagers to realize how fun and fullfilling praise dancing is. Amy Poehler Cozmo TV player displays a user friendly widget that allows user to play, pause, and select a video. It has an organized buttons that will help you browse easily. You can get your own widget here .

You can share this player by embedding on any of 27 services like google, myspace, friendster, blogger, multiply, etc.
To publish on your blogger here are the steps:
1. click embed episode.
2. Choose a service (example blogger or many others you can choose from a pop up dialogue box).
3. Click include in blog post or Add to side bar.
4. Log in to your blogger
5. Select from any of your blog
6. Post a title
7. Click post
Click the next button after every step.
Very easy and simple.


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