Featured Sample Science Research Paper: January 31, 2009

Emergency Cell Phone Charger
Cellular phones can transmit data all over the world. Since it is very useful, many cell phone companies are trying to improve the quality of cell phones, so that it would be easier for other people to communicate other places. Soon, people will be able to buy a powerful computer that is also a television, video, stereo and telephone rolled into one.
Mobile phones generally obtain power from batteries which can be recharged from a USB port or from mains power or a cigarette lighter socket in a car using an adapter (often called battery charger or wall wart). (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_phone)
Nowadays, these devices are widely used worldwide. Since it doesn’t need wires in communicating. It is more convenient to use than the telephones. But the most common problem that the user encounter when their cellular phone runs out of charge during travel where electricity may not be available, so it can’t be used anymore or find for a place to charge it.
In this study, a dry cell is used as the power source in charging drained cellular batteries.
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