Measuring Alkalinity of a Soap Bar

Prepare a mixture by dissolving 1 g of experimental soap bar in a10 mL distilled water (preferably a neutral liquid). Dip one strip of pH paper in the previously prepared mixture. The pH paper will then change its color. Find a color that matches with the chart that comes along with pH indicator package.

The scale of the chart ranges from 1-14. Below 7 is said to be acidic and above it is alkaline or basic.
Picture shows that the change in color of the strip matches on a 12th scale. Therefore the pH is 12 and the soap is alkaline.

Do the same for the rest of the trials be it an experimental or commercial soap. Record each pH reading. From your data, ask a statistician if the experimental soap is comparable with the commercial.


Mike said...

Very nice site and good info - I like the colors and the layout. I enjoy the sciences and find your posts interesting.

Anonymous said...

what is better? acidic or alkaline?

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