Variable and Data Collection

Variable- is a quantity or a quality observed from a certain phenomenon.

Types of Variables

Independent variables- factors that cause the change; can  be manipulated
Dependent variable-– observed effects; their values are dependent on the Independent variables.
Controlled- – factors that influence the results of the study


Problem1 (interrogative):
What is the effect of Aloe vera extract on the rate of growth and regenration of Planaria?

Independent Variable: Aloe vera extracts
Dependent variables: Growth of Planaria in centimeters
Controlled variables: age, kind of soil, size of the pot, and amount of water.

Problem2 (declarative):

The study aims to determine the effect of beer on the growth of orchid.

Independent Variable:Beer
Dependent variable: Growth of orchids
Controlled variable: species of orchid
age of the orchid: plant care management medium for growing orchids.

Data are need to find out the success of the study.

When collecting data one must ensure that controlled variables must be maintained and there
must be three trials especially for studies involving experiments.


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