State the Problem of the Study

To state the problem of the study is to highlight why you come up with the study. What pressing problem that encourage you
to conduct a study to provide some solutions. What is the current scenario of the people,living organism or environment
that alarms you and everyone.Problem of study may deal about pollution, comfort, health, irradication of poverty and many

Problem in conducting a research must be stated in a SMART manner.

S for Specific
M for Measurable
A for Attainable
R for Realistic
T for Time-bound

Example of statement of the problem:

not correct: This study aims to determine the level of pollution.

This isn't correct on the following bases:
It isn't specific because there are a lot of substances that contributed to pollution.
It isn't Measurable because the substance to be measured was not mentioned.
It isn't attainable because a lot of pollution to consider like air, water and soil pollution.
It isn't realistic because it is too expensive to deal with all kinds of pollution.
It isn't time-bound because your whole life isn't enough to determine the level of all possible pollution.

Correct: This study aims to determine concentration of Lead absorbed by the Malunggay (Moringa oliefera) leaves along the highways of
Dalipuga, Iligan City.

Other Examples of Statement of the Problem:

Declarative Format:

Title: Trichoderma viviride as a Biofungicide for the Control of Postharvest Banana Anthracnose
Statement of the Problem: This research Study was conducted to examine the potential of T. viride as biofungicide for the
control of banna anthracnose.

Title: Histochemical Tests and Antibacterial Effect of Oak Leaf Fern (Drynaria quercifolia (Linn.) J. Sm.) Extracts
Statement of the Problem:This study was conducted to perform histochemical tests in Drynaria quercifolia and to determine
its efficacy as an antibacterial plant. Specifically, it aimed to:
1. determine the active principles and its distribution in the tissues of the rhizome and pinna using histochemical test;
2. determine the efficacy of fresh extracts from the rhizomes and pinna as an antibacterial; and
3. identify and recommend the appropriate dosage and which plant parts of fresh D. quercifolia have medicinal value.

Interrogative Format:

Title: Pectinase-enhanced Production of Essential Oil from Lemongrass(Cymbopogon citratus)
Statement of the Problem:  This study seeks to find answers whether enzymatic process of extracting essential oil is:
1. better in terms of its physico-chemical
2. Is oil yield greater?


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