No doubt lingerie adds up in to the couples excitements during intimate activities. It builds up confidence in the side of a woman and it unleashes all inhibitions. Couples often have a lasting and lingering intimate senses when you are in a sexy attire. The lingerie that I like most is the baby doll lingerie. Hubby likes the plus size lingerie. I'll be adding more lingeries this Christmas when I'll be receiving our year end bonus.  When it comes to enhancing the couples relationship one must not be thrifty. I am thinking of a strech velvet and fax fur dress to wear this Christmas Celebration. Everything must be at its best. The ambiance and lingerie must go all together to have an exciting engagement. I am so excited! I should be ordering it online soon. So the it gets in time for the celebration. It would be something to look forward. I'll be surprising hubby perhaps he could also wear a santa claus attire.


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