Caring for our Seniors

Last night, I have difficulty of sleeping. The what ifs suddenly came into my mind regarding the health conditions of my parents. What if Dad will have a second stroke attack and Mom could not help him because she has a slight fracture on her hips lately. I can't call them because it was late at night. If they're already  sleeping soundly I might be disturbing them. I just prayed tightly that nothing will happen to them just to bring my self to sleep. I think I will be installing a senior alarm. It isn't expensive any way, to some they only spend one dollar (1$) a day. It depends on the medical alert plan you like. One can get a quote online. Many people are adopting medi alerts because the seniors can enjoy privacy at home rather than leaving them to the nursing homes. In times of emergency senior can just push the button and emergency assistance is sent to your homes within 15-20 seconds. Love ones are keep in touched regarding the  medical conditions of their parents.
Its I think more convenient and comfortable for seniors- they will not be suffocated with the presence of the unfamiliar faces of the care givers or nurses. Medical help will be within their reach anytime just a push button away for medical alerts.


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