Overview of Research

I. Overview of Research
1. Appreciate the nature and characteristics of research.

1.1.1 Express effectively the meaning of scientific research


Is systematic
Is a process
involves methods
must be valid
must be reliable
is finding answers to questions
is a hobby
is to make a difference
to experiment and find the true way.
To figure out how things work
Is like a fascinating game that is great fun to play.
Is understanding problems and putting the pieces together like a puzzle.
Process involves knowing the basic rules, recalling past facts, and seeking more evidence.
Is like a detective at the scene of a crime looking for the clues
gets answers from nature freely- but maybe not readily- when the correct questions are asked and appropriate facilities are available.
Is learning how things operate so that the principles can be extrapolated to new situations.
Is curiosity driven.
Seeks to understand what no one else has uncovered before.
is a social endeavor filled with human cooperation and conflict
Is a team sport
Is how will ultimately improve the human condition by defeating cancer, or other life- threatening diseases, by easing allergic reactions, or by expanding the worlds food supply and augmenting its nutritional value.
May sometime be serendipity but with watchful eyes.



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