New generation businessmen

 A lot of things are now rapidly changing including business transaction and also the method of bringing the products to consumers or patronizers. This change is greatly influence by the internet. Like my younger sisters and brothers are having much fun doing their business online. They purchase the products such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, rtws, shoes, computer accessories at a cheaper price because they order it online direct from the company. They were so amaze with the huge profit they get from the business they are in right now. They feel like they are playing. At ages 18, 20, 21 and 23 they're able to come up with a corporate business done through social media network. They are now having fun with it. They just recently realize how online business transactions can be trusted nowadays. My co-teacher  showed me the site with a lot of shoes, bags and rtw products for sale online by her daughter in-law-to-be (another modern time businessman to site here). And she offer free shipping when a customer orders worth of Php 1,5000. Perhaps it is also time for me to start my business and be a part of the new generation businessmen. I'm still thinking of a product to sell online. Perhaps I'll start with eyeglasses since I've already experience a transaction with this trusted eyeglasses company online. What about you? If you want to earn extra income then start your business online.


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