Victim of a SMART phone company illegal modus operandi

Ooooch! Silly me... I'm a victim of SMART phone illegal modus operandi. I have to post this incident so that none of the silly people like me will become a victim. If you happen to receive a message that states like this SMARTPlan: Congrats! U are the one Postpaid line, Given a 50% Discount billing, to get your 50% Discount bill, please forward this messeage to 8088. Ref#XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX.
For any reason DON'T forward it. I'm a victim of this. I thought that I availed of the promo upon forwarding the message but I was transferring a load of P60 to somebody  unknown to me. I thought that the texter was a SMART employee. I think this texter has an access in SMART company because they know I'm a plan SMART user. Or he/she just randomly sent a cell number hoping that somebody might bite the modus. I even recently noticed that I've received three similar messages and these are the numbers: 09303843189,09303843230 and 09306240220. I called SMART hot line of this incident and advised them to have a wide dissemination of letting all SMART plan users to be aware of this illegal modus operandi. I hope GLOBE plan users do not have this modus.


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