Night out

 We had a wonderful night out at Naawan beach resort. It was a successful outing. We did our boating, swimming in the pool and in the beach. The whole family really enjoyed it. And we will not forget that event. It is a memorable event to us because my Dad was celebrating his 57th birthday. We've gone to that resort before but  it was long ago. It was when Dad was still so physically fit. Although my Dad is not as healthy as before because of stroke, we had a great time at Naawan beach resort. And I'm sure that Dad enjoyed that beach outing too. I think his joy is seeing his whole family together with his grandchildren. It was a successful celebration . The uneasy part was the prior to the celebration. The booking of our stay at Naawan beach resort was not that easy. I still need to travel by bus and paid 5$ just to book some cottages for the whole family. Aside from that I still have to walk about 5 kilometers to reach the front desk. It was raining hard at that time and the walking place was solitary. No other person was walking on that day. I was so nervous while walking alone. But thankfully I manage to transact the booking safely. I just wish that Naawan beach is included in  barrow in furness so that I can easily access them through local barrow directory online. Of course before Naawan beach resort could be in this online directory the company must have a website first and they can avail of web design barrow. Using online directory saves much of customers' money and time (not to mention their safety) especially when planning (booking) for a vacation. Any business companies must take advantage of this. Services must be easily accessed and reachable. Businesses must never hesitate to connected online. It would increase their number of clients and above all their sales.


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