Unique wedding invitations

How important is the uniqueness of the invitation cards especially for weddings? To some it wont matter but for many unique wedding invitations really contribute an impressive memorable event to the couple and their love ones who also share one of the happiest moments of their lives. I still can remember a year ago that my co-teacher gave the whole faculty an invitation card. I and the rest of the faculty were so impressed and surprised by the way the wedding invitation was designed. The designed was creatively conceived by the bride and put into life artistically by the wedding invitation designer. You won't really believe how the designer made the bride look in photo of the invitation card like a mermaid and the groom like a prince. It was impressive in deed! to the point that sometimes in our regular conversation with the whole faculty or during our gatherings we would just recall it and giggle. Because of that invitation card we can't forget the wonderful event of the couple's life. 
I hope that many would really consider the quality and design of their invitation cards no matter how much it will cost them. Its the memories matter most especially in any event that mean so much to you and your love ones.


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