Tree of Wishes

Our old folks really respected trees. They think that some supernatural entities are protecting trees. Who ever brings harm to the tree shall be punished but whoever takes care of it shall be rewarded. Some people  in the olden times offers food to worship the tree and for wishes to be granted. Up to this time many people believe on Tree of Wishes. They travel far away as far as the popular shrine in Hongkong just to offer a coin to Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree in exchange of a wish that someday they hope to be granted by some divine being. Wishes of modern people are now done online with the online community who help each other grant each wishes without traveling so far. One can now ask  solemnly as many wishes as they can regarding the success of their family, friends, health, employment, special projects and more wishes for their personal lives. Some people are just too blessed with things that you have been wishing and they might share that blessings to you just to grant your wish...
Or who knows it's  you who can grant others wishes.


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