Science 3 Summer Class Course Syllabus

Iligan City National High School
Summer Class 2010
Science 3
Course Syllabus


This course syllabus is made specifically for students taking summer classes in Science 3. The major considerations of this course syllabus are the units and topics taken must fit to the kind of student- who took Science 3 for the second time- and the short allotted duration of the course yet required number of hours for the subject is met.

Text Book Used: Aquino, Remedios G. Science & Technology III Chemistry BEC-based.2003. Philippine Educational Publishers’ Association (PEPA)

Topics                            Hours

1st-2nd Period:

Definition of Chemistry and its Importance            1
Laboratory Apparatuses                    1
Measurements in Chemistry                    8

Classifying Matter
Chemical System and Its Classification            2
Importance of Some Elements and Compounds        1
Simple Techniques About Mixture                1

Types Solutions                        1
Factors Affecting Solubility                    1
Expressing the Concentration of Soutions            8
Colligative Properties of Solution                4
Electrolytes                            2

Classification of Colloids                    1
Properties of Colloids                        1
Biological Impact of Colloids                    2

Properties of Gases                         1
Boyle’s Law                             2
Charles’ Law                            2
Gay- Lussac’s Law                        2
Avogadro’s Law                        2
Combined Gas Laws                        2
Ideal Gas Law                            2
Dalton’s Law                            2
Storing Gasses and Volatile Liquids                1
Gas and Air Pollution                        1
Dalton’s Atomic Theory                    2
The Structure of the Atom                    1
Rutherford’s Model- Nuclear Model                1
Isotopes: Atomic Masses                    1
Application of Radioactivity                    1
Quantum Mechanical Model of an Atom            1
Electron Configuration                    4

3rd-4th Period:

Order of Elements
Writing and Naming Symbols of Elements            4
Modern Periodic Table                     4
Periodic Trends                        4
Nature of the Families and their Uses                2

Ties that Chemically Bind
What is bond?                            1
Types of Chemical Bond                    6
Polarity of Molecules                        1
Biological Importance of Certain Ions in the Human Body    4

Changes in Matter
Difference between Physical and Chemical Changes    1
Laws Governing Chemical Changes                3
Chemical Equations                        6
Nomenclature                            6
Empirical and Molecular Formula                6
Mole                                2

Change, Energy and Time
Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions            2
Conservation of Energy in Chemical Reaction        2
How Chemical Reaction take place                2
Affecting the Rate of Chemical Reaction            2
Some Chemical Reactions                    1
Chemical Equilibrium                        2
Oxidation-Reduction Reaction                4
                            Total                        126                   

The grading scale used:

Quizzes                    10%
Assignment                    10%
Project    (Collection of Recyclable Materials)    20%
Participation                    35 %
Periodical Test                25%
Total                        100%

Prepared by:

        Annallee Q. Aron
        Science 3 Teacher

Submitted to:              
            Nida H. Gumera
    Science Department Head (1st Shift)


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