Evaluation Sheet for Master Teacher (Secondary Level)

___________        __________         ___________
Name of Teacher   Division               Secondary School

Basic Requirements: (Please Check if attached)
__________ School Principal's Recommendation
__________ Superintendent's Recommendation
__________ Latest Class Program
__________ Appointment/Service Record/Other record showing educational qualification, Status and Length of Service.
__________School Principal's Memo/Letter of Dissemination the Field
__________ Evaluation Sheet
__________ Rank List
__________ Present Plantilla Allocation List of Recommendees

Credit Points Earned:

10-6-3A. Demonstration teaching

20-15-10-5B. Leadership Potencial

20-15-10-5a. Curriculum Materials/Teaching Techniques Simplified Work Income generating

12-9-6-3b. Subject Coordinator/Chairman/Club Adviser

12-6-3c. Special Committe Chairman

12-7-6-3d. Educational Research

12-7-6-3-2-1e. Project Coordinator/Committee Member

12-7-3f. In-service Training

10-5-3-1g. Trainer or Coach

10-5-1h. Authorship



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