Always on the go

 I am always attending trainings on computer assisted instruction either as a participant and as a trainer. I never get tired attending this kind of training. I think this is the area that I mostly spend my time.
Time is not noticeable when I am working or preparing my lesson with computer integration. In most trainings that I attended specially as a speaker, participants would usually ask my contact numbers. I am so thankful that I am always ready to give my business card. I always bring with me my business cards. It is easy to give business cards nowadays because there are a lot of available cheap business cards that can readily be purchased online today. Up to now, I always collaborate with teachers from other places in the Philippines and sharing new pedagogies in teaching. There are really a lot of things you will learn when you attend trainings.
To be a good teacher one must never stop learning. And learning can be facilitated when you collaborate with others of the same interest and attend trainings.


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