School's Airconditioning Unit

I am having problem with our school's air conditioning unit. It hums but it does not bring the temperature down inside the school's computer laboratory and when I referred the problem to a technician he said that the air compressor is busted because of not regularly cleaning the air conditioning unit. I really neglected cleaning the air conditioning unit at school because it requires paper works not realizing that students' computer usage would sacrifice. So in time of immediate needs, I get some funds from computer rental fees and searched all over the city for a compressor. It took my whole day looking for that right compressor, had I known that I can just buy it online from http://www.1airconditioning.com/, I could have just ordered that compressor instead of wasting my day. This site also sells auto air conditioning and I am now often recommending this site to all of my fellow blogger community here in our city in case they would need an air conditioning compressor. Of course I wouldn't want my friends to waste their time just like I did. So I am also recommending this to all of my readers. Try it and they offer free shipping and a warranty.


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