Enrolled in Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education

I am now studying again in one of the famous Universities in our Country; no other than the Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology. I am still adjusting and seem to adjust with the standards of the school. One of my subjects as of now is the most difficult subject in Chemistry and that is Physical Chemistry. I am so fortunate that I have Ma'am Myrna Salarza as my teacher. She is a bit not so mathematical. Educators like me in DepEd are not so inclined with calculus. I am so thankful that my Phychem teacher is concept focus than mathematical.   I am still overwhelmed since I am loaded with things that I must do this Christmas vacation. I really have to work or else I will not be able to cope with my work as a teacher and as a Ph.D. student.
Right now, I am researching on the topic (Surface, Colloid and Polymer Chemistry assign to me by Dr. Thelma A. Antonio in Chem 307 Special Topics in Chemistry Education. I should be guided with the following questions when researching:
  • Why is the topic interesting?
  • What chemical knowledge is being developed?
  • What chemical problems are being challenged?
  • What position have been adopted by the scientific community?
And I should prepare for an open forum after presenting a power point presentation to my teacher and classmates. The presentation has the following criteria:
  • Scientific content: level, depth, and scope
  • Written content: organization, language, logic
  • Organization of visual aids
  • Knowledge of the subject matter and integration of the chemical principles
  • Ability to handle questions
It is really good to be a student again. At least I will be learning new things to share with my students. An updated teacher must never stop learning to always have something new to share with his/her students.


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