Christmas Gift Options

Thinking of teas makes me feel thirsty. It quenches my thirst like no other. I really love to drink tea. Every morning before I eat my breakfast I drink my tea first to cleanse my stomach. I think it's the one that gives me good smell breath. In the evening I also drink my tea before sleeping. I think I am a tea addict because sometimes I drank tea three times in a day. It is probably one of my beauty secrets why I look 5 years younger than my age... lol... But seriously, I have been receiving that positive remark from my friends and not so close friends.

Before, I ran out of tea supplies but thanks to online English tea store at http://www.englishteastore.com/ that can gives me unlimited supplies of teas with over 100 teas to choose from. I consume 75 pieces of teabags every month.

Hubby and I prefer organic- leaves that are not treated with insecticide- Ti Kuan Yin Slimming Oolong Loose Leaf Tea. It is a sweet tea scented with orchid's aroma. And it helps us maintain our weight.

Teas with tea sets would be a wonderful gift option this coming Christmas and you may order this online at englishteastore.com- which also sells Christmas gift baskets and Christmas cakes.

Enjoy online christmas gift shopping at englishteastore.com.


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