Protect your business

You will never know when risks will come in to your business. Risks such as natural calamities (flood, earthquake and landslide),man-made accidents (car accidents, fire and many others) and global inflation. I can still remember when I had a novelty items business at the heart of our city. I invested my whole savings and forgetting to insure my business on any untoward incidents. I did not insure my business thinking that insurance is too expensive. I was thinking that instead of paying for the insurance it would be better to used it as additional capital. Then suddenly unexpected thing happen, fire burned my novelty store to the ground. My friend who is well oriented in business never failed to advise me to insure my business but I was so blinded with huge share amount of money it will take from my capital. I was unaware of Premium Finance that involves the lending of funds to the business owner to cover the cost of insurance.
I happen to find this online bank called Westpac one of the Austria's largest banks that offers premium finance services. They can finance you with an amount as high as $ 5,000 and the terms would be 6 months to 12 months. They also offer insurance including commercial motor vehicle registration, professional indemnity and workers compensation.
I plan to go back in business and the next time around I should insure it.


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