10 Important Features of a Web Host

A lot of people now want to own their own website. More and more people are earning big bucks from their owned website by just blogging on things they love to do such as cooking, sewing, arts, listening to music, watching videos, sports, politics or by just writing and publishing everything that come in to their minds. But of course there are also many people behind the scenes who are unsuccessful because of choosing the wrong web host. And you wouldn't like to be one of those unsuccessful web entrepreneurs.

If you are a newbie, here are the 10 things you need to consider in choosing the right web host
  1. Server Type
  2. Unlimited disk Space
  3. Bandwidth
  4. Unlimited E-mail accounts
  5. Domain name
  6. affordability
  7. reliability
  8. 99.9 % up-time almost no down-time
  9. first class 24/7 tech-support
  10. secure server
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Get your own website now and start earning money like you never expected. Who knows this is the line of job that fits for you.


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