Web host for our Alma Mater

Our school is planning to construct a website which will be included in the Maintenance and Other Operating Expense, MOEE. Our Secondary Principal find it so important to have a website because of the following reasons:
  • to provide avenue for regular communication among all graduates of the school.
  • to update teachers, parents, and most especially students on the most recent activities inside the school campus.
  • to widely disseminate existing school's policies and improvements.
  • to connect with the LGUs and NGOs online.

Mainly, the president of our Alumni is pushing us up to construct a website no matter how expensive it would be. They are already complaining that it is ironic having such the biggest school in the City with the biggest budget of MOEE, could not afford financially to have our own website.

So shameful of us not to respond to their request. Being the ICT laboratory manager, they consulted as on the realization of school's website. I told them that based from the objectives that they wanted from a website, I could not cater to their needs. I am just a chemistry and a research teacher. Of course, I have a limited knowledge and technical skills as compared to the professional web designer or to those who are working for several years in the web hosting company. They are really desperate to have a website. The realization of this will serve as a tribute for their Alma Mater. It would be of great sentimental value for them. I myself is longing to have a site that we could be proud of. I can empathize because I am also a graduate of this school.


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