A career oriented woman

In my years of mid 30s I seem to be a career oriented woman. I seek ways to be promoted. Recently, I am promoted from teacher I to teacher III. I have been a trainer in ICT integrated lessons in our school. I collected enough certificates to qualify for another promotion which is Master teacher I. Of course competition is so tight, that is why I need to improve on other needed areas to keep me on top than other applicants. I have to utilize one of my greatest potentials and that is blogging ( one of the 21st century skills). I need to author a good procedure where a student or a teacher can monitize from blogging. And one site that I plan to cite is Levoltz.com. There are many blog-to-earn sites available but as of now I'll settle citing Levoltz.com in my first authorship. I really like the simpleness of Levoltz.com's discussions on how to earn from blogging and increase the site's traffic. It was discussed in a way that it can be easily understood by newbie bloggers. If you like to be cited please leave a comment. I plan to share this division wide.

I hope I can share this authorship soon. Imagine the impact of blogging to students and teachers. They will not only earn cash but also improve communication skills.

I am pretty sure that our secondary school principal would immediately accept my proposal. Blog-to-earn is something new in our locality. Adapting it as a new way to facilitate learning would prepare students on the challenges ahead in their 21st century work environment.

Students and teacher will benefit from this great blog-to-earn authorship of mine and on the other hand I can earn some 10 points for my Master teacher I promotion...One of our English teacher is already begging me to share it to our 300+ teachers in our school.


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