Summer Camps


Summer Camps are one of the adventures I can never forget in my entire youthful life. I had the privileged of joining national wide summer camps twice. It was expensive but I am thankful that my parents allowed me to experience it because I should say that it made me appreciate life more together with friends. It allows me to build my self esteem because our dorm counselor was so pretty and witty like me. Everyone will encourage you specially in the midst of challenging obstacles. We did a lot of obstacle courses such as tag of war, vertical play pen, low ropes wall and tire obstacle course. It was a breath taking experience. I was in dorm 1G(Girls) and being in the first team we were the one to first experience the challenges. Aside from experiencing the obstacle courses the camp allowed us also to develop some skills in archery, rifle shooting, biking, swimming, playing basketball and softball. I cannot forget that I received an award for "Best Book Binder" during my first camping and my Mom was proud of me. Until now I'm binding my loose pages notebook-practicing what I learned. Other Crafts were taught during my summer camping days such as sewing, painting, cooking and many more.

When the right time comes, I'll let my kids also join such fully educational and engaging summer camping.



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