Essay Writing Contest

Essay Writing is one of the skills that every student must develop. I am so glad that the science department in our school is initiating to develop such skill among all students in a form of a contest.

Many will be interested to know the guidelines of this said contest:

  1. There is only one (1) per division to participate in the contest
  2. It shall be an on-the-spot essay writing contest. As such, the theme/topic shall be announced during the contest proper.
  3. The essay must be written in English, consisting of not less than 200 words but not more than 300 words, handwritten on a bond (A4) provided by the organizers with one-inch margins on all sides.
  4. The essay should be written legibly in black or blue ink only.
  5. Contestants shall be given one (1) hour to complete their essay. They shall not be allowed to leave the venue once the contest has officially started.
  6. Criteria for judging shall be based on the following:
Content- 40%
Relevance- 30%
Unity/Organization of Idea- 15%
Total- 100%


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