Stress-free Parenthood

Raising kids with only 1 year age difference was thankfully never so stressful for me. There may be stress at some point but it was tolerable enough for me and hubby to enjoy our moments of raising our kids especially when they were cute little babies. It was full of loving care. One that helped us so much to delightfully care for our babies or toddlers was to use a stroller.

Strollers help us to carry our precious babies and all babies’ stuffs without carrying it all by ourselves. We did not easily get tired when using strollers every time we had a family outing. Loads were lightened a bit but it was still little bulky because we had to bring two strollers for our two kids. Back then there was no available tandem-stroller (that can accommodate two kids). Today, parents and soon to be parents are so fortunate because they can easily select and purchase online a variety of advance engineering designed stroller like tandem Eddie Bauer stroller or sports umbrella stroller made by Kolcraft strollers. Being a parent nowadays is never easier. So if you want to buy a best designed stroller choose reversible and removable seating positions. It will surely give parents and kids safety and comforts they need whether in travelling, beach outing or just simply strolling in the park.


Nilz said...

Love this post on strollers - the most important factor is our kid's safety. So, it must be rugged in construction.

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