Be a tech-geek though not tech-savvy

In this technology driven world, people are rapidly transcending into a tech-geek (one that quickly adapts the technology). Believe it or not there will come a time that each person will have their own website. Just like owning a cell phone but of course owning a website is a whole lot cheaper. Owning a website is by and by becoming to be a necessity and not a luxury. It is like an electronic home that friends, colleagues and relatives can visit anytime without worrying of serving a snack. In other words it provides avenue for regular communication to all friends. To others, they took advantage of owning a website to spread their business.

Ironically, amidst this technology evolving world, our school, the famous school in our City do not have a website. I tried many times coming up on our school's website using free web hosting services, but to my dismay the functionality and the availability of designed template does not satisfy me. And so I ventured on searching paid hosting services on the net, thankfully I found http://webhostinggeeks.com- An independent reviews and rating-best web hosting 2009. Personally, I wouldn't mind paying as long as we will be able to avail of quality web hosting services much more that the expenses of our soon to be school's website will be charge to the school's Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE).

I am so excited to present this site: Webhostinggeeks.com. It is a complete one stop site where I can present and easily convince my busy fellow alumni and school's administrators to decide on which from their listed and highly recommended top notch web hosting could cater best to our school's website. I think, they will choose to have "best forum hosting and best email hosting" since one of their school's website objectives is to have constant communication among fellow alumni.

This year I am also planning to have a complete website make-over. I'll soon purchase a Best Budget Web Hosting (2009) since this site have given me so much revenue for this year. It will be not so expensive. It is so affordable, as low as $4.95/month which is nothing compared to this site's earning.

For all tech-geeks out there who wanted to have their own quality website, there are many web hosting to choose from in www.http://www. webhostinggeeks.com- they can serve you best on recommending the type of site you wanted.


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